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The mission of Child USA: Child USA aims to end child abuse and neglect through enlightened public policy. Child USA strives to find justice for child victims and to make those who have made children suffer accountable. CHILD USA seeks to reform the legal and medical systems toward child-centered policies. CHILD USA disseminates the facts about abuse and neglect to lawmakers, policymakers, and the public.

What does Child USA do? Child USA conducts research, compiles evidence, promotes ideas, and proposes the most effective policies to prevent childhood sexual abuse and neglect. Child USA draws on the combined expertise of the nation’s leading medical and legal academics to reach evidence-based solutions to persistent and widespread child abuse and neglect. All child victims deserve justice, and CHILD USA aims to find the path for them.

How is Child USA different? Child USA is the first research-based think tank on child abuse and neglect. Unlike the vast majority of children’s advocacy organizations, CHILD USA is not engaged in direct delivery of services or support to victims. Instead, Child USA supplies the policies and data to organizations, legislators, policymakers and society that will combat abuse and neglect as well as create nurturing environments for children.

CHILD USA builds on the extraordinary work of two leaders in the field.

Rita Swan, the founder of CHILD, Inc., has been the leading national advocate for the protection of children from medical and educational neglect.

Prof. Marci Hamilton is the founder and CEO of CHILD USA and a national expert on child sex abuse; the statutes of limitations that make it difficult for victims to pursue justice; and religious defenses that may lead to neglect.

CHILD USA combines these two leader’s missions to provide a comprehensive approach to promoting justice for victims of child abuse and neglect.