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CHILD USA is dedicated to applying cutting edge medical knowledge to the legal system to make it more child-centered and friendly to the adults who were victimized as children.

With a team of top experts and researchers, CHILD USA will undertake cutting edge medical-legal studies to identify the best public policies, issue white papers, and engage in compelling advocacy to protect children in the state and federal capitols and courthouses.

Founder Marci Hamilton has dedicated over a decade to the reform of the child sex abuse statutes of limitations (SOLs) and led major change in numerous states. SOL reform will be one of CHILD USA’s missions. Among the 50 states, many have made significant progress but only Delaware and Minnesota have done everything that can be done to create full justice for the 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 5 boys who are sexually abused.

SOL reform is just the beginning of the legal reforms needed for child protection. From children’s rape kits to the crisis in the family courts, CHILD USA will be putting its team of researchers and experts to work to solve these problems.

Trailblazer Rita Swan, and original founder of Children’s Healthcare Is a Legal Duty, put the medical neglect of children on the table in the United States and CHILD USA will continue her mission to roll back the state laws that now permit parents and organizations to disable or let children die by refusing medical treatment. 33 states currently make it possible for parents who believe in faith-healing to let their children suffer.

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CHILD USA will also tackle the educational neglect of children in isolated communities and the disproportionate abuse and neglect inflicted on disabled and LGBTQ children.

Bottom line: CHILD USA is the leader at the intersection of medical science and legal reform for child protection.