The Relative Success of Civil SOL Window and Revival Statutes State-by-State

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How the Conservative Religious Coalition Won the 2016 Election–Part I: Education

Verdict   •   Marci A. Hamilton
President-elect Trump has selected Betsy DeVos to be his Secretary of Education. This may well mean the end of the Department of Education itself, although it is more likely that it makes the Department the driving force to dismantle public schools to the benefit of religious schools.

The State Law Gauntlet Facing Child Sex Abuse Survivors: A Long Way to Go to Child-Centered Justice

Verdict   •   Marci A. Hamilton
Herculean efforts across the United States have been undertaken to eliminate the threshold legal barrier for most sex abuse victims: the statute of limitations. Some states have been very successful, while others remain mired in a system that blocks the vast majority of survivors.

There Is an Antidote to the Politics that Endanger Children

Verdict   •   Marci A. Hamilton
The Framers of the Constitution fundamentally understood that people are inevitably tempted to abuse power and that concentrations of power are dangerous. To put it a bit more simply: power must be checked, or it will run amok, and that goes double for combinations of power.

The Demographic Both Party Platforms Missed: Child Sex Abuse Victims

Verdict   •   Marci A. Hamilton
The wild ride of this year’s presidential election has left many looking for landmarks that will guide their choice for the next president. One place to figure out who stands for what lies in the 2016 Republican and Democratic Platforms. So I decided to explore how each party deals with children.

Thank You, Penn State

Verdict   •   Marci A. Hamilton
I am a big fan of Penn State’s academics, where I attended graduate school. When “analytical” philosophy swept the nation’s universities in the early 1980s, displacing continental philosophy, Penn State had one of the few remaining departments teaching continental (European philosophy).

Rabbis With a Conscience Make History

Verdict   •   Marci A. Hamilton
So far in the 21 century, U.S. religious leaders are best known for negative positions like their demands for a "free exercise right" to discriminate against LGBTQ individuals, a 1st Amendment right to discriminate against their own ministers, a right of secular employers to deprive women ...

The 12 Punch the Catholic Bishops Have Delivered to Clergy Sex Abuse Victims

Verdict   •   Marci A. Hamilton & Steven Berkowitz
Spotlight is a motion picture with a purpose: to deliver the truth of how every adult that could have halted the sex abuse by Catholic priests in the Boston Archdiocese did not. Children were betrayed by priests, bishops, parents, lawyers, journalists, and the buddy culture of men in power.

Why the Victims of Bill Cosby Are My Heroes

Verdict   •   Marci A. Hamilton
Dozens of women have now come forth in the public square to point a finger at Bill Cosby for drugging and raping them. Their stories are consistent, consistent, consistent, and but for the statutes of limitations (SOLs), he would be facing jail in a series of states.

The Plight of Children at Risk in the UltraOrthodox Jewish Communities and the Failure of Government and Pandering Politicians to Protect Them

Verdict   •   Marci A. Hamilton
Children in the U.S. are routinely sacrificed on the pyre of their parents' faith by pandering politicians without a moral compass. Children don’t vote but insular religious communities often vote as a bloc mandated by the male officials at the top, and that fact is not lost on power-hungry...
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