Family Court Reform


Family Court Reform

Child sexual abuse perpetrated within families is one of the most insidious and under-prosecuted crimes. Shortcomings in both the criminal and civil justice systems fail to protect children from abuse in the family context. Family court judges and custody evaluators are not trained on the facts of child sex abuse. The lack of reform and education on child abuse and trauma associated with abuse in family court can have detrimental effects for the children including ongoing abuse, loss of a secure parental relationship, and at worst, death. CHILD USA works to protect children from abuse with family court reform.


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Child Sex Abuse & The Courts, Latest Research & Approaches

When: Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

Where: Bucks County Courthouse 

CHILD USA is hosted a CLE event at the Bucks County courthouse on Oct. 2. Panels covered child sexual abuse, custody and visitation, and qualifying experts.


Child Custody Outcomes in Cases Involving Parental Alienation and Abuse Allegations

Joan S. Meier | GW Law School Public Law and Legal Theory Paper No. 2019-56


'Violent' Dad Killed Bucks Co. Girl Amid Custody Battle: Family

"Kayden Mancuso, 7, went to visit her father on Saturday, and she never returned home. Family members say there were many warning signs."

 Kara Seymour | Aug 7, 2018

Family speaks after losing 7-year-old girl in apparent murder-suicide

"Family members of the little girl killed in an apparent murder-suicide are now asking why a judge let the man spend time with his daughter unsupervised."

FOX29 | Aug 7, 2018

‘A gendered trap’: When mothers allege child abuse by fathers, the mothers often lose custody, study shows

“Hera McLeod pleaded with the family court judge to keep her 15-month-old son, Prince, away from her abusive ex-boyfriend.”

Samantha Schmidt | July 29, 2019