#SoKidsStayKids Campaign

You can help kids stay kids. Donate, download and fill out the form below and share it on social media with the #SoKidsStayKids. 

The Facts:
1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18. Most of these child victims disclose if they disclose at all, during adulthood. The average age to disclose is 52. More than 25% of cases are never reported. 

What we do:
Children’s Healthcare Is a Legal Duty (CHILD USA) is the first think tank for child protection. Our mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect through evidence-based analysis of current laws and policies. CHILD USA informs legislators and other policymakers of the facts of child abuse and neglect so that laws and policies can be improved.

Current Projects:

  • SOL reform
  • The intersection of child rape kits and SOLs
  • Effects of gay conversion therapy  
  • Medical neglect and vaccinations avoidance
  • Game Over: Commission to Protect Youth Athletes (which will begin by investigating Larry Nassar) 
  • Amicus Advocacy Project 

What you can do
Children cannot vote so we must be their voice. Join the fight for children’s civil rights by donating to CHILD USA today. Your donation will make it possible for us to help millions of children at a time.  Let’s prevent abuse and neglect. Donate today and share #SoKidsStayKids.

Download and share: 

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